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Straightening A Fake Hair


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You can use a fake hair to get a new look within few minutes without using any special styling tools. Most of the wig with fake hair will look curly and making then straight is usually done with the help of hot water. If you have a straight hair it can be styled as per your desire without putting any pressure. Make sure to decide about the hairstyle you want to create with the fake hair as the straightening process cannot be reversed. Here are few simple things that are good for straightening the fake hair.
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First brush your hair in the wig very gently using a wide-tooth hair comb to take out the tangles and use a conditioner. Now mount your wig and keep it in place using hair pins. Then take a pot full of water and keep it over the stove till the water goes till 180-185 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the wig aside till the water gets heated and concentrate on the styling process till you complete it. Start pouring hot water over the wig very slowly to make it fully saturated. Leave the hair in your wig to dry on its own without using any type of drying tools. You can just use this technique to take out the curls in it and till the hair becomes fully straight. Avoid using heating devices like flat iron or straightening tools over the fake hair as they can easily melt the wig.

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