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Styling A Cap Weave


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A cap weave is a simple hairstyle that can be used for various purposes. Most of them use the cap weave to cover the colored hair or even hair loss. You can easily use the cap weave on the hair without getting advice from a hairstylist. The cap weave are available in various types which includes different texture and color. You can easily take out the cap weave every night before going to bed.
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Begin the hairstyling with a clean hair and braid the hair in a circular design. Most of the people will use this method to create the sewn in look. After the braiding process try to wrap the braid with a plastic wrap which will be easier to remove after the styling process. Use the stocking cap on the hair and pull it down till the eyebrows. The cap weaves can be perfect if it is curly as the tracks can be easily concealed. To use the straight hair, you must know the way to close the full weave. Measure the length of your weave and sew it over the cap from nape till the top of your head. Try to cut small parts of the weave to roll it similar to cinnamon bun. Place your track part into the weave glue and make it pat dry. Keep the rolled track over the place on top of your head and secure it closer to crown of the head before styling it as per your wish.

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