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Using Short Bob To Create Ponytail


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A short bob ponytail is a perfect hairstyle that can be achieved with a short hair. You can easily keep the hair away from falling over the face with this hairstyle. Even though most of the women think creating ponytails with short hair is difficult, but it can be done with a little effort. You must use perfect styling tools and other hair accessories to create this look. There are few celebrities who like to style their short hair in this manner and wear it for special events.
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To achieve the short bob ponytail, first brush the entire hair to take out the tangles and add a little hair gel over the hair. Use the gel mainly in front of the head and close to your scalp. Try to pull your hair to create a ponytail over the back of your head and keep it in place with the help of hair elastic. Use a bobby pin to slide into your hair which is too short for creating the ponytail. You must use the bobby pin from the front of your scalp and try to slide it into the hair till it gets secured. Try to use as many bobby pins as possible to achieve this hairstyle. At last mist the entire hairstyle with a spray which will be useful in keeping the stray hairs secured in place. You can match this hairstyle with a perfect dress to make it look attractive.

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