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Control Static Hair During Winter


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Static hair is expected to provide a serious problem for most of the women as it is not easily controlled. This occurs especially during the winter season when the weather is cold. You can follow these simple things in case the hair has static problem during the cold season. Most of the people will use anti-static product to mist the hats that they wear which can help to control the flyaways that are the main reason for the static hair. Always brush your hair using a wooden comb to keep the static electricity reduced in your hair.
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First deep condition the hair as normal you would do which is one of the best way to control the static hair. Apply leave-in hair conditioner once you get out of the shower which can make the hair to weigh down controlling the static. You can also spritz your hair with the anti-static hairspray and brush it using a normal comb which can help to keep the hair in place during the day. Use fabric softener sheet on the hair from root to end to control your static which is also very easy to use. Stay away from hair products that have chemicals and alcohol as they can cause static hair very easily. A static hair normally occurs if you fail to treat the hair in a proper way. If you go to a hairstylist, they will also suggest you the same procedure to control this problem.

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