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Hairstyle With Princess Braid


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Princess braid is a perfect way of styling the hair that can make anyone look gorgeous. It is almost similar to floral crown that is worn by princess in the medieval period. This style can be accented with a flower or any other hair accessories to make it look more unique. You must divide your hair into two different parts such as one over the other from a side of your head to the temple.
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Begin the styling by crossing lower hair section over top section and take small part of hair in the hair where the braid will be passing over lower section. Now cross the lower hair part once again over the top part of your hair and continue this from back towards the front of your head by adding additional hair inside your current bottom part of the hair before you crossing it till you go to the middle of your hair. Continue the crossing process by taking the lower part over top section and new lower part over new top hair part to reach end of your hair. Now use a hair band to keep the braid in place and use the same technique on the other part of your hair. Make sure that both the braids end will touch together before securing them using a hair band. Try to use a hair clip to for securing both the braids properly for additional grip to create a U-shaped hair braid.

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