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Hairstyle With Short Soft Curls


short soft curls short soft curls2
Short soft curls are the best way to style the hair if it is short. This hairstyle can be worn for any occasions and the most important this is it will match with all type of outfits. There is no need to go to a hair specialist to achieve this look and you can do this at home with few simple styling tools.
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Spread a little amount of hair mousse in your hand and distribute it all over the hair. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair and make sure to keep the dryer far from the hair. Take a one inch curling iron to use it over the hair after dividing it into 4 different parts. Keep the parts secured using an alligator clip and take one by one for the styling purpose. First brush the hair down and curl it using the curling iron. Take the hair ends in your curling iron clamp and twist it around the iron by taking it away from the face. Leave the hair clamped with the curling iron for about five seconds and not more than that to prevent damage caused by the heat from iron. Continue to use the iron on the other parts of your hair in the same way and at last spread wax pomade in your hand to distribute it over the hair evenly. You must style the hair using your fingers and stay away from the hair brush.

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