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Relaxed Hair And Curly Weave


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Having a relaxed hair will give a very simple look and you can easily mix it along with the curly weave to make it look unique. But mostly mixing the relaxed hair along with curly weave is known to spoil the good look, but there are few things that can be used to make this hairstyle look good. Try to get few suggestions from a hair specialist before starting this styling process.
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First condition the weave after washing it in a proper way and treat the hair in the same way. Leave both the hair to dry on their own and run the fingers through your hair to take out the tangles. Spread a nonalcoholic hair gel all over and finger comb the hair. Start keeping the aluminum wave clips on your natural hair at various angles. Use clips in the front as well as side edges of your head and medium or large clips on top as well as back of your head. You must leave the clips on till the hair becomes fully dry and once the hair becomes fully dry remove your wave clips gently. Comb this section of hair weave and try to mix it along with the natural hair using your fingers. Cover the head using a scarf while going to bed and use the relaxer touch-up to touch up the hair after few weeks. You must be able to secure all the split ends using hair clips so they stay in place.

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