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Using Highlights For Toning Hair


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The toners are normally used by the hairstylist to act against the underlying pigment in the hair after the lightening process. Toners can be used to highlight the blond hair and there are no limits to the highlights. You can easily get the toners from a beauty store and make sure it is a semi permanent hair color. Use the hair color that is lighter in color and read the instructions carefully before starting the styling process.
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To start the hairstyling process, first get a light ash-based hair color to reduce the yellow color in your hair and you can also use gold-based tone to create cool colors. Most of the people will try to use a underlying tone and even the hair specialist suggest this. To apply the toners on the hair, first wash the hair and dry it with the help of a normal towel. Then mix the toner along with developer and follow the instructions to apply it over the hair. Make sure to mix both the ingredients properly in a bottle by shaking it well. You must apply the toner on the hair starting from scalp and move to the end of your hair. Leave the toner on the hair for around 10-15 minutes before rinsing your hair normally using a shampoo. Don’t rinse the hair without giving time for the toner to provide the best result and washing the hair very soon can spoil your entire look.

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