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Methods To Prevent Blue Gray Hair


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Blue gray hair can make most of the people weird as the hair will have a blue undertone. This usually occurs on older women who style their hair with a blue rinse giving their hair snowy white look. Here are few things that can be followed to prevent this look without using any type of special hairstyling tools. Make sure that your hair is healthy before going through any type of styling process.
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First go to a hairstylist if you face this problem which is the best solution to prevent it. In case the hair starts to look yellowish for your eyes, but the hairstylist will be able to tell whether it really yellow in color or your eyes are playing tricks. Stay away from using the hairstyling products which can cause yellowing. Air pollution and smoke from cigarette are the two common causes that can cause yellowing and try to wash the hair using clarifying shampoo than getting a blue rinse. Always use latest styling products such as hair gels, hairsprays, creams and others to stay away from blue gray hair. Instead of going for a blue rinse, try to use lavender for rinsing your hair. Try to use a cool undertone as it is considered to be one of the best ways to make the gray hair to look beautiful. You can also consult a hair specialist to use the cool undertone as they also see it a perfect choice to prevent the blue gray hair.

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