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Simple Hair Knot


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Creating a simple hair knot is a great way to style the hair for special environments. It is very easy to achieve this look without any special styling methods. There are different ways to achieve this look and you can use the following method to get it done by sitting at home. You must have boar bristle, elastic band, shine serum, bobby pins and hairspray to create this hairstyle.
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Begin the styling with a cleanly washed hair and leave it as it is for a day. In the next morning, comb the hair completely before using the shine serum which can prevent flyaways. Use a boar bristle brush to comb the hair for best results. Now take the full hair to create a normal ponytail behind your head and secure it using a normal elastic band. Separate your ponytail into two different parts and take its strand for wrapping it around your elastic band. You can also use bobby pins along with elastic band to keep the ponytail secured in its place. Try to twist both the ponytails in the elastic band to wrap it around itself from left side of your elastic band. Add a small amount of the shinning serum in your palm to keep the flyaways in their place. Now tuck your hair ends below the knot and keep it secured using bobby pins. At last use a hairspray to spritz all over the hair to end the hairstyling.

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