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Slick Back Afro Hairstyle


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Slick back afro hairstyle can give a special look for any one with African American hair. This style can help you to keep the hair in a proper way and it can be suitable for any type of environments. You must properly care for this type of hairstyle to prevent breakage or dryness. Hair gel is the perfect choice to style the hair in this manner, but make sure that gel is used in a proper way all over the hair strands. Always wash the hair using a shampoo made especially for afro hair.
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To style your hair in this way, first mist the hair with water and spread a hair gel all through the strands. In case you are washing the hair before the styling process dry it using a normal towel. Try to spread the hair gel in your pal before applying it over the hair and make sure it gets distributed completely throughout the hair. Use your fingers to spread the hair gel over the hair and also use it from the scalp to end of your hair. Keeping the hair damp with hair gel can easily keep the slick look for a long time on your head. Now brush the hair with a normal comb and shake the head lightly sideways, in case the hair comes out of its original shape add more gel through the hair. Leave the hair to air dry to maintain your slick look for a long time.

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