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Steps To Cut A Thick Hair


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Getting a haircut by going to a saloon is the best way to short hair and if you are cutting the hair at home try to follow few styling techniques. Haircutting can give a hard time especially when the hair is too thick. Just use the same method that is sued for cutting the coarse hair. Those who have a thick hair must use a brush to comb through the strands of their hair and if you still feel it is difficult to use a hair brush juts use your fingers to comb through the hair.
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First decide about the scissors that will be used for the cutting process because razors and thinning shears cannot be used for cutting the thick hair. Using these tools can spoil your entire look as the length of the hair will vary. Try to dampen the hair with water because cutting a dry hair can be much difficult than the damp hair. Just mist the hair with water and brush it using a comb to take out the tangles. You must also measure the length of the hair using a comb or fingers to cut the hair in a perfect way. Separate the hair as different parts to cut them individually using the scissors. Keep the cut sections apart using hair clips before moving onto the next. Combing the hair is very important before starting the haircutting process to take the knots or tangles present in the hair.

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