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Steps To Wash A Greasy Hair


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A greasy hair can be very difficult to manage as it can easily spoil the way your hairstyle looks. There are few ways that can be followed to clean the greasy hair to style the hair without any difficulty. Try to get the things ready before starting the styling process as you must do it within few minutes. Don’t comb the hair very long time as it can send the oil from the scalp through the hair strands which are very difficult to clean.
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First get a shampoo with oil-control which can provide scent as well as color. Then wash the hair completely using this shampoo and rinse it using cold water. Avoid using hot water for rinsing your hair and also stay away from hair conditioners. You must leave the shampoo on the hair for at least five minutes before rinsing for good result. Try to rinse the hair fully using cold water which can help to take out the oil content from the hair. You can create a finishing rinse at home by taking two lemon juices and mixing it with one qt of distilled water. Instead of using the lemons you can also take one apple cider vinegar and mix it in one pt of normal water to rinse the hair which can take out the soap residue from your hair. Use blotting paper before the rinsing and after the shampoo process to soak the oil on the hair.

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