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Creating Slanted Bangs At Home


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Creating slanted bangs can make your hairstyle look unique and this style is usually achieved by going to a saloon. In case your are good in cutting your own hair, then this hairstyle can be achieved at home by using few simple styling tools. You have items including hair comb, hair pins, blow dryer, hair shears and wide-barrel brush to create this look at home. Keep the hair wet during the styling process which will make it easy to cut the hair.
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First wash your hair and keep it damp during the cutting process. Make a simple side part in the hairline keeping the eyebrow middle as your guide. Divide your hair as sections from the part you created and make sure it continues till the hairline. Secure the remaining hair to keep it away from the cutting process. Then brush the front part forward and use a blow dryer and comb it using the wide-barrel hair brush. Try to pull the hair to a side of your head where your want the bangs to fall. Now pull this section of hair and keep the bangs in between the forefinger as well as middle finger. Try to keep the fingers at 45 degree angle which must point towards your floor for creating the slanted bangs. You can cut the bangs as per your desire by using the fingers and brush the slanted bangs to the side of your head to blow it using a blow dryer.

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