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Hairstyle With Japanese Topknot


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A Japanese topknot is a hairstyle that was very popular among the samurai. It was worn by them to distinguish themselves apart from other people in the society. There are different versions of this hairstyle and some of them are also worn by women. You must have a lengthy hair to achieve this look and make the hair straight before starting the styling process. One of the most simple version of the Japanese topknot is creating a ponytail near your crown and fold it back to make the knot point towards upward. Here is a simple and easy way to create this look without using any special methods.
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Most of the people will select one of the versions of topknot to wear to for special events depending upon the time it is taken to create. You can begin the hairstyling with a cleanly washed hair and condition it. Then comb your hair completely to make it tangle free and create a high ponytail on top of the head. Use a hair tie to secure the ponytail in place and pull it tight without damaging the roots. Now loop your ponytail over the two fingers and use another hair tie over the base of your topknot. Mist the hair with a normal spray to keep it in place and end the styling process. Creating this hairstyle with a curly and wavy hair is considered to be much more difficult when compared to a straight hair.

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