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Making Hair Shiny After Relaxing Process


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A relaxed hair can sometimes look dull and lifeless due to the chemical treatment it has undergone. But you can make the relaxed hair shiny by following few simple techniques. Most of the women face this problem after the relaxing treatment as it is very common. Following a perfect and balanced diet can also make the hair look shiny. Take care of your hair before going to bed in the night to keep it relaxed and avoid breakage. Having a black hair or textured wavy hair can face this problem most of the time.
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After getting the relaxing treatment done on your hair, first spread a little amount of semi-permanent gloss over the hair which can help to reflect your hair to make it look shiny. Then rinse your hair using cold water and make the water enter into your hair shaft to make it smooth reflecting the light. You can dry your hair as usual without using a hair dryer or try to use lightweight heat-protecting spray if you are using a blow dryer. Wash the hair using a clarifying shampoo, but not on regular basis as it can strip your hair. Always keep the hair moisturized and don’t use the products that can take the natural oils from your hair. A clarifying shampoo can be the best choice to keep the hair moisturized. At last use the anti-frizz aerosol hairspray to mist the entire hair to make it look shiny.

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