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Ribbon French Braid


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A ribbon French braid is an elegant and most beautiful way of styling the hair that can be worn for any occasions. You must practice creating a normal French braid before using ribbon to make it more attractive. You must start the hairstyling with an unwashed hair and use the ribbon that is made of a textured fabric.
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First brush your entire hair and take three inch wide part of your hair just behind forehead and name the middle section as B. Use a ribbon to wrap around the middle section and make sure that the ribbon strand is longer than your hair by about 4 inches. You must add the ribbon during the braiding process and then make another section named as C by taking the hair from side to overlap it along with the section B including the ribbon. Use the same technique on the other side of your head and take one inch of hair for adding it with the section A by taking hair from side of your head. Keep section A in the fingers for overlapping it along with the sections B using the ribbon. Now add one inch of hair with the section B along with the ribbon, and try to overlap it along with the section C. Continue adding hair from side of the head before overlapping the sections. Use this method at the bottom of your hair and secure the entire section using a hair tie.

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