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Treating Limp Hair Naturally


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Having a limp hair can make your hairstyle look completely dull. The limp normally occurs due to different reasons which includes product buildup and over use of oil products. There are different saloons that can provide a solution to a limp hair, but they can be expensive. Here are few natural ways that can help to treat the limp hair.
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The first option is getting a vinegar rinse which can be done by mixing three parts of water along with one part of vinegar. First you must wash the hair using a normal shampoo by slightly massaging your scalp to improve the blood flow. Next mist the hair with the mixture and brush it using the fine tooth comb. The second option is using the egg mask on your hair that is done by taking two eggs along with half tsp olive oil as well as lemon juice. Use this mixture to massage the scalp and leave it on for around half an hour. Then rinse your air using warm water. Another option is using baking soda for treating the limp hair. For this you must wash your hair using baking soda which can cleanse your hair to add more volume. Be very careful while using the baking soda for treating the hair and avoid using it over the skin. Try to comb the hair after applying the baking soda to spread it throughout your hair before rinsing it using lukewarm water.

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