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Using Kool-Aid For Lime Green Hair


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You can get the lime green hair by using various styling methods, but the quick and easy way to achieve this look is using a Kool-Aid. It is one of the most popular methods of coloring the hair which is normally used on children’s hair. The Kool-Aid can be used as multiple applications depending upon the color you are trying to add on the hair. You must have few items before starting the styling process such as petroleum jelly, hair conditioner, plastic wrap, hair brush and lime green Kool-Aid.
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Start the process by spreading petroleum jelly all over the head to prevent the Kool-Aid to fall on your skin. Take the lime green Kool-Aid along with two packs sugar-free in a small bowl and add 1/4 cup water along with two drops hair conditioner. Stir the ingredients to mix it properly to make it like paste. Start applying this mixture on the hair after washing it normally. Try to separate your hair into small parts before using this mixture and cover the entire hair with a plastic wrap. Leave the hair covered overnight and remove it in the morning to wash the hair before using a hair conditioner. Next brush your hair and leave it to air dry. You must wash the hair everyday till the Kool-Aid gets removed and use a normal shampoo during this period. It will take at least 3-4 days to take the Kool-Aid out of your hair.

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