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Hairstyle With Haphazard Waves


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Haphazard hair waves are the best hairstyle to create for special events such as a wedding and there is no need to use any type of styling tools like a curling iron to achieve this look. This hairstyle may consume more time to create which depends upon the type of hair you have.
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First mist the hair using heat protectant hairspray and gently brush your hair after a minute. Next separate your hair into sections such as top and bottom. Secure top section in place using hair clip and start the styling with bottom section. Take one inch wide hair section to cur it outward using the flat iron. Try to clamp the flat iron about one inch over the hair ends and roll it outward before leaving the hair for about six seconds. Then release your hair from the clamp and use this method on the rest of your hair at the bottom. Now pull one inch hair section from top half of the hair that was secure earlier and curl it outward in the same way as the bottom hair sections. You must clamp your flat iron one inch away from your face before rolling the hair upward. Do the same with the remaining hair on the top section to create the waves. At last use a hair curling mousse over the strands of your hair and try to scrunch using your fingers very gently before misting the entire hair with a shinning spray.

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