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Loose Side Braid


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Loose side braid is a casual hairstyle that can be worn for any special events and it can look beautiful if you style it with a long hair. This style can be achieved with any type of hair by using few simple styling tools. You can make this hairstyle more casual by matching it with a proper dress. Here is a technique that can be followed while creating this look at home using simple styling tools.
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Begin your styling process by misting the hair with texturizer hairspray which can help to keep the braid in its place. Then brush your hair to spread this product throughout the hair and part your hair to a side of the head. Take the entire hair to one side of the head and divide it into three different parts. Start braiding the hair by crossing the outside part over middle part, just under the other side and from nape of your neck till the end. Use the ponytail holder to keep the braid secured at the end. Keep the headband on your hair behind face-framing hair and finger comb rest of the hair if it goes out of its place. Now take bobby pins to secure the loose hair over the other side of your ponytail and make sure to keep the braid messy without securing too much of hair with the bobby pins. At last mist the entire look with a shinning hairspray to end your styling.

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