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Steps To Use Clariol On Dark Hair


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Clariol is a hair product that can be used to lighten the hair color that is too dark. It is one of the cheapest hair products that can be sued at home without getting help from anyone. This product helps to take out the color from your hair providing a lighter shade. Most of the people like to color their hair at home and sometimes that color used on the hair may come out bright that can be corrected with this hair product. You have few important things ready before starting the styling process which includes Clairol uncolor system, 20 volume developer, plastic cap and a hair dryer.
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To begin the process, get the Clairol color remover and apply it over the hair till you get the lather and cover it using the plastic cap. Now use the hair dryer with medium heat all over the plastic cap and leave the hair as it is for around 5 minutes. Then rinse your hair after taking out the plastic cap and wash it using a shampoo before applying a hair conditioner. Next take the color remover to mix it along with 2 oz water and apply it all over the hair. Now place the plastic cap over the hair once again and use the hair dryer over the hair for another half an hour. Then rinse your hair to take out the color and wash the hair as usual using a normal shampoo.

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