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Straightening A Mixed Hair


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Having a mixed hair can be very hard to style because it will have different textures. This type of hair will also have problems in locking the moisture. In case you are straightening the mixed hair try to give more important in keeping it moisturized. You must use the hairstyling tools that are used for straightening the normal hair, but give additional care during this process if you have a mixed hair to prevent any type of hair damage.
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Begin your straightening with a cleanly washed hair using moisturizing shampoo and apply a deep-conditioning hair product all over. Make sure that the deep conditioner enters into the strands of the hair before rinsing it. Once the hair becomes dry comb it fully to take out the tangles and add a smoothing cream over the hair strands. Try to spread the smoothing cream throughout your hair with the help of your fingers. Now use a blow dryer along with comb attachment on the hair after dividing it into one inch sections. Secure your top layer hair on top of the head using a hair clip and start using a flat iron for straightening bottom layer. Then take the top layer that was secured with hair clip and straighten it in the same way using the flat iron. At last take a little amount of the smoothing cream to spread it all over the strands of your hair and smoothen it with your fingers.

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