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Deep Curly Hair Weave


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A deep curly weave is a hairstyle that can make yourself look completely unique in a crowded place. Most of the people like to style their hair in this way to look different from other hairstyles. There are number of styles that can give this kind of look, but this one is considered to top among them.
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To create the deep curly weave, begin the styling with a dry hair and brush it using wide tooth hair brush to take out any kinks. Then wash the weave using a normal shampoo and rinse it completely. Add a hair conditioner from crown to end of the weave and brush it using the same wide tooth hair brush that was used earlier to spread the conditioner all over. Wear a plastic hair conditioning cap over the hair and leave it on for around fifteen minutes. After taking out the conditioning cap rinse your hair using warm water. Take hair mousse in your hands and apply it gently over the natural hair as well as the weave together. You can use hair gel over the edges on the natural hair which usually depends on the type of hair you have. Try to plum the curls to lift it using your fingers and add a little amount of moisturizer. Mist the entire hair with an oil sheen and style the hair as per your desire using a headband. But don’t create ponytails with this hair weave.

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