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Making Afro Hair Fall Down


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Afro hair can be irritating sometime as they will always stand up and you can follow few simple styling processes to make them drop down. But you must properly condition the hair to keep it healthy to avoid any breakage. Give extra care to your hair while styling it like an afro because the hair may get damaged during this process. Just use this method for styling your hair in this manner without falling into trouble.
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First wash the scalp using sulfate-free shampoo and wash it completely. Now add a deep conditioner all over the hair and leave it on for around half an hour by covering it with plastic cap. Then rinse your hair and dry it by blotting with a normal towel. Take one cup aloe vera juice along with 2 tbsp glycerin and mix it with 2-3 drops of any essential oil. Mist the entire hair with this mixture and brush it using a detangling brush. Use a hair gel on your hairline and try to smooth it using your hand. Now you can add a medium amount of the Shea butter in your hands and spread it all over the hair by massaging it gently focusing at the ends. Use the boar bristle hair brush to comb the hair from back of the head along the hairline and cover the hair with a silk head band. You can fluff the hair lightly using the fingers to get into the look.

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