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Messy Short Bob


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Messy short bob is one of the most worn hairstyle for many celebrities who want to maintain their hair short. This hairstyle is also very easy to achieve because you don’t need to get any special treatment for your hair. The most important trick to achieve this look is keeping it messy during the day which is very difficult if you fail to create it in a proper way. So try following this technique for creating this style and you can also get some time from hairstylist if needed.
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Start your styling once the hair becomes fully clean after washing it using a normal shampoo and make sure to condition it. Don’t run your hair too much while drying it with a towel as it can cause breakage. Add hair mousse in your hand and spread it throughout the hair from end to root. Now use the hair dryer with medium heat for drying your hair and use the fingers for scrunching the hair during the drying process. Next you must spread a hair pomade in your fingertips for applying it over the small parts of your hair and it can also help to separate the hair strands from rest of the hair to create a choppy look. At last mist the entire hair with light-hold hairspray after achieving the look that you were looking for. Don’t use too much of hairspray over the hair as it can weigh down your hairstyle.

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