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Methods To Reverse A Lowlight


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Lowlights can give a completely new and natural look for everyone who has it on their hair. It can also help to emphasize the face by giving your hair update. In case you use a wrong lowlight on the hair and plan to remove it just use the following method for reversing the lowlights without going to a hair specialist. You can use a hair toner or a hair color which matches the color of your hair.
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The most important thing in this process is choosing the right hair toner which must match your natural hair color. Make sure that the hair toner packet also features a plastic bottle that will be used for mixing its ingredients. Then mix your hair toner in a proper way by just following the instructions written over the package. Next dampen your hair and take the moisture from the hair as it must be slightly damp. Take an old hair brush for using the toner over your hair and mainly concentrate over the places where you have used the lowlights. You must leave the hair toner for around twenty minutes or the time mentioned over the toner packet. Now you can wash the hair till the toner comes out of the hair and use a little amount of shampoo during this process. Try to rinse the hair till the water runs fully clean out of the hair which means that your hair has become free of the toner.

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