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Taking Care Of Relaxer Burns


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Relaxing hair can be done with various styling products and most of the time heat is produced to make the hair relaxed. During this process you may face burns on the hair as well as scalp which must be treated as soon as possible to prevent further damage. You must have lot of patience while treating the burn on the scalp as it cannot be done immediately. Done style the hair using hair products and hair brush during this time as it can make it worst.
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First leave the burn to get dry on its own and don’t use a comb or fingers touch it. Use gentle shampoo while washing the hair and apply a deep moisturizing hair conditioner to keep the scalp moisturized. While using the shampoo as well as conditioner on the hair, stay away from using a hair brush or your fingers. Don’t use heat on the hair while drying the hair and stay way from hairstyling tools such as flat iron and blow dryer. You can use aloe or a Vaseline in between the washings which can help to prevent itches on the scalp. It can also help to keep your hair moisturized by facilitating the scabs to fall off very easily. Stay away from hair products that feature alcohol as they can cause irritation on the scalp and start brushing the hair at leaving it for few weeks to give time for the burn area to heal.

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