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Messy Bun With Short Hair


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A short hair can be difficult to style it as per your desire, but there are few ways that can follow to achieve it. In case you are planning to create a messy bun with a short hair it is possible by following these simple steps.
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Begin the styling after washing your hair using a shampoo and mist the hair with leave-in conditioner. Brush the hair and dry it using a towel. Don’t rub the hair with a towel while drying it as it can break the hair. Add a little amount of hair gel in your hands to apply it over the hair from end to root. Now brush the hair again to take it in place where you want to create the bun and leave the crown section as it is. Use bobby pins to secure the hair in place which are too short to create the bun and take the remaining hair to create a simple ponytail at the back of the head. Try to twist your ponytail around itself to form the bun and keep it in place using ponytail holder. Use long end of your comb to place in between your ponytail holder and crown of the head. Pull it slightly upward slightly and create the messy look using your fingers by taking out few strands of hair. Add a small amount of hair pomade in your fingertips to apply it over the strands that stuck out the bun.

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