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Steps To Color Your Relaxed Hair


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Hair can be relaxed by using various processes and in case you are coloring the hair it must be relaxed by following few simple techniques. Coloring the hair can make your hair brittle and it can also cause hair fall very easily. You must avoid coloring your hair regularly as it can be harmful to the hair which can easily cause hair fall. It is better to go to a hairstylist to relax the hair when it is colored to stay in the safer side.
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After coloring the hair don’t use any type of styling products or tools on the hair for around two weeks and wash the hair once before adding the color on the hair. Relaxing the hair can change its structure by making it look very porous. The color can get absorbed into the hair very easily and much faster also. In case you leave the color on the hair when it is for hair too long it will have intense shade. Use the hair color that doesn’t feature ammonia as it can be only a semi-permanent hair color. Purchase the hair color that is suitable for your hair type and get the deep conditioning treatment done on your hair after the coloring process which will help in keeping the hair moisturized. Keep the relaxed hair away from styling products that can cause damage to the hair and always be sure to use the right styling product while styling the hair.

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