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Taking Care Of Hair Color Reactions


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Coloring the hair can make it look unique as well as beautiful, but some of them will face allergic reactions due to the color that they use on the hair. You must treat this problem in a proper way to prevent further damage to the hair as well as skin. There are few chemicals that can cause severe reactions which can be seen on the skin and hair.
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First wash the hair to take the color completely and use the clarifying shampoo during this process. You can also use a strong shampoo to get rid of the color from your hair. Get antihistamine tablet from the drugstore as it can help to stop your allergic reaction. Some of them also recommend cortisone creams to be used on the skin that causes itch to control the inflammation. There are also other topical ointments that can be used on the skin to prevent irritations. In case the allergic symptoms still persist or gets severe, go to a doctor for better treatments. Allergic reactions over your scalp can become very serious if you don’t treat it in a proper way. After treating the allergic reactions if you plan to color the hair again by sitting in your home, first do a strand test. Take a little amount of hair color in a bowl and apply it over your arm. Leave the hair in the arm for one day to check for any reactions before using it over the hair.

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