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Treating Hair With Homemade Oil


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A homemade hot oil treatment can be a perfect choice to prevent hair from getting damaged. There are different ways your hair can be treated with oil and the most common way is getting a homemade hot oil treatment. You must get this treatment only if you have more time to spend on styling the hair as it can take at least one hour to complete the entire process.
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First take extra virgin olive oil in a bowl depending upon the length of your hair and use microwave to make the oil hot. Use fingers to check the temperature of your oil which must be warm enough to apply it over the hair. Add a little amount of the hot oil in your hand and try to massage it over the scalp. Then comb your hair using fingers along with a hair brush which will help to spread the oil throughout the hair. Place a shower cap over the head to cover the entire hair which can help to penetrate the oil into your hair shaft. Leave the hair in the cap for one hour and you can also use more oil over the hair for better result. Next wash the hair with a shampoo till the traces of hot oil gets removed fully from the hair. After washing the hair, brush it fully using a normal hair comb to take out the tangles and style the hair as per your wish.

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