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Upside-Down Fuller Bun


upside-down fuller bun upside-down fuller bun2
A upside-down fuller bun is a perfect hairstyle for special occasions like a wedding and it is also liked by different celebrities. It can be created on any type of hair starting from wavy to curly and medium to long. Here is a simple method to get this look at home without using any type of styling tools. This style can help you to get a completely cool look without any hair accessories. Make sure to have few simple styling tools such as hair tie, hairspray and bobby pins before starting the styling process.
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First take the entire hair at the back of the head to create a simple ponytail and secure it using a normal hair tie. Then brush the hair in your ponytail till the base of your hair and once the hair gets the fuller look mist it using a spray. Now wrap your fuller looking ponytail around itself and keep it in place using another hair tie to achieve the fuller bun. In case you have a short hair, then use the hair tie to keep the hair ends inside the bun as it cannot be wrapped around the ponytail. You can also use more bobby pins to keep the small hair in place. Try to match this hairstyle with a proper outfit which can be helpful to get really amazing look. Avoid using any type of heating tools during this process as it can make the hair look thin.

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