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Standing Up Braided Hairstyle


wire hair braid wire hair braid2
Making a braid to stick out can give a unique look if you have a short hair. You can use a wire to achieve the standing up braided look than going for any special tools. This style can be easily created on the kid’s hair as they will like to wear this type of hairstyle.
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First comb the hair for making it tangle free and take the entire hair about three inches over the nape of the neck. Secure this hair using an elastic band and take a strip of the floral wire and divide it into three small pieces to measure it twice the size of the ponytail. Now take each of the wire strip into your hair elastic till wire mid-point enter through hair elastic and both ends of wire must meet at bottom of your ponytail. Try to leave space in between the wires and make them sit in horizontal row. Next separate your ponytail into 3 different parts such as A, B as well as C. Start overlapping part A along with the wire and overlap part B along with its wire. Next overlap part C along with its wire on part A along with its wire. Use this overlapping technique till you reach the end of your hair and secure it in place using an elastic. Make sure that the braid has been secured firmly so you can wear it without any fear even in crowded places.

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