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Using Mustard Oil For Conditioning Hair


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There are different ingredients that can be used for conditioning the hair and one of them is a mustard oil. This oil can help to stimulate the circulation and it also features fatty acids. It is also the best choice to condition the hair naturally. You can just use this process for conditioning your hair using the mustard oil.
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Begin your conditioning process as usual by washing the hair and making a simple middle part. Add a little amount of mustard oil in your hand and spread it between both the hands. Use both the hands to spread the mustard oil over one side of the head and mainly concentrate over the hair roots. Then go to the other side of the head to apply it in the same way as the other. Cover your entire head with a shower cap and make the hair to dry using a hair dryer for about ten minutes. This will help to make the mustard oil enter into the shafts of your hair and then use a blow dryer with medium heat by placing it just below your shower cap. Now you can take the shower cap out of your head and wash the hair as usual. Make sure to rinse your entire hair using cold water before styling it as per your desire. In case you don’t have a shower to cover the head, just cover it with a plastic wrap which can also provide the same result.

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