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Hairstyle With Microbraid Extensions


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Microbraid can be created throughout the hair with your real hair or you can also attach hair extensions to your natural hair to achieve this look. You can make the hair look long if you add hair extensions and it can also help to prevent damage to your original hair. This hairstyle can consume lot of time to create and make sure to get help from a friend.
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First part your hair into sections and secure excess hair separately. Take a small section of hair in a vertical part to create the first braid and brush it in a proper way before proceeding further. Now pull out a small section of hair extension and collect the middle part of the extension in your finger. Leave same amount of hair extension hanging in the left as well as right of your finger. Take left or right extension for dividing it into two sections and keep middle hair extension directly on the root of your real hair. Try to mix both real and extension hair together to make it the middle strand which will be used for the braiding process. Next wrap the hair extension around your middle strand that was created and try to braid in using a same braiding technique. At last cut the braided hair extension ends with a scissor. Use the same technique on the remaining part of the hair that was divided in the beginning of the styling process.

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