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Methods To Achieve Silky Soft Hair


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Silky soft hair can be achieved to make the hairstyle that you want to create look beautiful. You will not have any flyaways or frizzy looking hair if you try to achieve the silky soft hair. There is no need to for going to a saloon to get this type of hair. You must have few styling tools ready before starting the hairstyling which includes, shampoo, conditioner, straightening hair brush, flat iron, biosilk silk therapy hair serum, hair tie and polishing hairspray.
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Begin the styling with a cleanly washed hair and condition it as usual. The shampoo and conditioner used on the hair must make the hair frizz free and try to dry the hair before proceeding further. Next use biosilk silk therapy hair serum all over the hair and blow dry the hair sections using the round straightening brush from top to end of your hair. Then apply a thermal protector hairspray which will help to prevent any damage to the hair when you use the flat iron on the hair. Take the hair into four different sections and keep each of them secured using a hair tie. Now take the first part of your hair and use a flat iron though the hair strands from top to end of the hair. Use this method on the other parts of your hair that was secured and at last mist the entire hair with a polishing hairspray to get a clean finish.

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