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Steps To Wrap A Thick Hair


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Wrapping a thick hair can be difficult for most of them as it will feature a lot of volume. Even though there are different hairstyles that can e created with a thick hair, hair wrapping can give you a very unique look. Here is a method to wrap the hair that is too thick. The hair can be wrapped in any direction as per your desire, but make sure the wrapping process is done in a proper way. Try using setting gel throughout the styling process to make the hair stay in its place.
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First wash the hair using a normal straightening shampoo which can help to take out volume from your hair and condition it using the leave-in hair conditioner to keep your hair weigh down. Then apply a little amount of setting gel on the hair to control the flyaways. Now part the hair starting from left to right by dividing it on top half of the head from back half. Use bobby pins to keep the hair that comes out from its place. You must keep on combing the hair in same direction as your parting and in case the hair starts to come out try to spread more setting gel to keep it in place. Next keep your hair wrap on the hair after completing the wrapping process and make the hair dry fully. You can also use a blow dryer to make the hair dry or sit under a hair dryer.


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