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Tips To Cut Uneven Sideburns


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Sideburns can help to make the face look flat and you can create different types of sideburns depending upon the hairstyle that you are planning to wear. You must trim the facial hair for creating the sideburns that can be really challenging for most of the people as it must look same on both the side of your head. The sideburns are usually created only by men depending upon their hairstyle and in the present day there are many women who want to cut the sideburns to get a unique look.
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First take a mirror and have a look at your hair. Then comb the sideburn hairs in the way of your hair growth and place the index fingers horizontally over bottom edges of the sideburns. You must keep both the index fingers over end of the edges on both sides of your head to achieve the same height. This is a very important step in this haircut and in case the fingers are not placed in a proper way it can spoil the entire styling. Now keep the hair trimmer over your long sideburn close to bottom edge and cut it very slowly to avoid excess cutting of the hair. You must trim your hair in the direction of your hair growth by standing in front of a mirror. Make sure the sideburns on both the sides are cut evenly. At last use a lotion over the trimmed area to soothe the skin.

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