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Using Tea For Coloring Grey Hair


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Having a grey hair can be disturbing for most of them and it can be treated with few simple process. In case you are getting older the grey hair may start to appear and you can give it a special care for keeping it healthy without using any chemicals. One of the simple methods is using tea for treating the grey hair.
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The most important thing in this process is selecting the proper tea pack. In case the hair looks darker, get black tea and for lighter hair go for chamomile. You can easily check the color of your tea by pouring it over the paper towel. Start the process by boiling the tea leaves in a bowl and leave it to steep for around five minutes. Then strain the tea leaves and leave the tea to become cold on its own. Take one tbsp salt for mixing it with the tea. Now mist the hair with water before using the tea mixture on it and don’t try this with a dry hair. Try to pour the tea mixture on the hair very slowly and make sure to massage it on the hair roots. Leave tea on the hair for around 45 minutes and use warm water to wash the hair. Don’t use a shampoo while washing the hair as it can remove the tea color from your hair. Try using a moisturizing conditioner and use the same method on the hair at least once in ten days.

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