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Spiked Short Hairstyle


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Spiked short hairstyle can give a very unique look and it can be worn by anyone with short hair. Most of the women like to keep their hair short for some reason and if they do so it can be made more unique by following this simple procedure. You can use hairspray or wax to create this look very easily.
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First condition the hair as usual after washing it and add a small amount of hair gel throughout the hair. Use a blow dryer over the hair and finger comb during this process. Then use a flat iron over the hair with low to medium heat starting from the small sections on top to end of your hair. Flat iron can be sued to create spikes in the upward direction and have a look in the mirror to make any adjustments. Next mist the entire hair with aerosol hairspray and avoid using a non-aerosol hairspray as it can make the hair wet removing the spikes. After using the hairspray over the hair try to shape it with your fingers in the direction that you want the hair to go. You can try to twist your hair at the end in small parts to define the hair as spikes. At last spritz the entire hair with more hairspray to keep the spikes in place. In case the hair starts to lose the spikes add a small amount of hair wax to use it over the ends of your spikes.

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