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Styling A Kanekalon Hair Extension


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Kanekalon synthetic extensions are very much similar to normal hair extensions but it is made with monoacrylic fiber. It is one of the best hair extensions that can be used for styling the hair into different variations without touching the original hair. Styling this hair needs extra care as you cannot be heating tools over it. Instead of applying heat over this hair, try to style it with boiling hot water. There are many women including celebrities who like to use this type of hair extensions as it can be styled however they want without touching the natural hair.
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First keep a plastic curler over the hair strands where you want to create the curls and use small curler to achieve tight curls and large curler for creating loose curls. Avoid wrapping the hair closer to your scalp and keep it secured about 3-4 inches from the scalp. Now dip the curlers into the boiling water and wrap it with a normal towel to take out the dipping water. Use these methods till the entire sections of your hair gets submerged into the hot water and then leave it to cool on its own. By this way you can keep the Kanekalon hair to stay curled for at least a week or till you wash it with a shampoo. Now you can also style the Kanekalon synthetic extensions as per your desire and there is no need to maintain it in the same way.

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