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Taking Care Of Uneven Blond Bleaching


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Uneven blond bleaching can make your hair look dull as well as weak. Most of the time people will bleach their hair by going to a hair specialist and some of them do it in their home. In case the bleaching process is no done in a proper way it can be corrected by following these simple steps.
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Wash the hair before using a deep conditioning process. After using the deep conditioner leave it on the hair for about fifteen minutes. This will help to moisturize the hair before using the bleach on your hair. Leave the hair as it is for two days and purchase the bleaching kit during this time. Mix 1.5 oz toner along with 3 oz 20 volume developer. Then dampen the hair with water and apply the mixture throughout the hair. Leave it on for around10 minutes which can help to tone down unwanted colors on the hair. Select the toner along with a blue base which can easily counteract yellow as well as orange tones. Now use a hair color that is about one or two shades much darker than your natural hair color. Apply the hair over the lighter spots to start with and leave it for 5-10 minutes before using it on the rest of your hair. Use this technique as alternative to the toning and once your hair reaches back to its one shade try to re-bleach the hair as per your desire.

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