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Treating An Uneven Hairline


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Having an uneven hairline can give a hard time for many women and it can be covered by following few simple steps. The uneven hairline can occur due to various reasons and it is not only due to baldness. There are few simple tricks that can be used for covering the uneven hairline on any type of hair. Before starting the styling process make sure what type of hair you have.
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The first this to do is going to a hair specialist to create bangs in front of the head to cover the forehead as well as hairline. You can have longer bangs in case the face shape is short and for long faces keep it shorter. Color the hairline using a temporary color stick which is similar to a lipstick to cover the uneven portions using light layer of hair color. Wear any type of hair accessories including headbands as well as bandannas to cover the hairline. You can also pull the entire hair at the back of the head back and keep it secured using bobby pins or hair elastic. Try to cover your forehead and hairline using the elastic headband. Wearing a hat can also help to cover your hairline which is uneven. Using hair color that is lighter than natural hair color can match it properly. Select two or three shades lighter than the natural color of your hair to get a fresh look as well as cover the hairline.

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