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Using Ceramic Ionic Straightener On Hair


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There are different types of hair straightners available in the market that can be used for straightening the hair. Ceramic ionic straightner is one of the tools that are used by many people to make their hair straight. You must understand the way to use this tool in a proper way to prevent hair damage. There are different types of plate’s available in the hair straightner which can help to achieve the straight look in the hair. The ceramic straightners are considered to be the best option for straitening the hair as it can help to prevent the damage caused to your hair.
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The non ceramic irons usually enter into the cuticle of your hair from outside such as the outer portions of your hair will be heated before inner bonds hair gets heated. But the ceramic irons can penetrate into the hair from inside. It features infrared heat to quickly penetrate into your hair and reach inside part of your hair. Most of the flat iron can be ionic as it is made only of ceramic. In case the hair becomes damaged due to heat produced from the styling tool it will have electrical charge and when you use the ionic component it can neutralize the electric charge making the hair more stable. This tool can help to prevent further damage that is caused to the hair by the electrical charge as the plates will be directly applied over the hair.

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