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Braided-In Hair Weave


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Braided-in weave is completely different types of hairstyle that can be created by anyone by following few simple steps. This type of hairstyle has been around for many years and it is also liked by many all over the world. In case your want to wear this hairstyle in different ways try to create cornrows. You must get help from a friend while creating this hairstyle and it cannot be achieved alone. It can be a very difficult process while doing it for the first time, so get some practice before starting it.
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To get this style, first you must wash the hair properly and dry it using a blow dryer which will help during the sewing process. The part your hair as two parts and secure them using hair clip. Now try to add synthetic hair along with this hair and secure it for sew in. Thread the hair needle which will be used for sewing the hair and to attach the weft to your hair in a proper way. Start the sewing process in your hair weft and try to weave it in as well as out. You must also make sure that the weft is properly secured over the hair and use the same method on the other part of your hair. Don’t sew the hair too close to your scalp and avoid using any type of lotion on your during the braiding process as it can spoil the entire look.

braided-in weave7 Unveiling of Rapper Hazel-E at Smash on May 14, 2009 in Hollywood, California.

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