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Coloring A Oily Hair


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Having a coily hair can give lot of problem while styling it in different versions. In case you want to color the oily hair, then there are few things that must be followed before starting the hair coloring process. Using hair products such as hair gels, waxes, oil and more can make the hair look oily. Make sure that has been cleanly washed and conditioned before proceeding with the coloring process.
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First take one tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and heat them. Then wash the hair with a shampoo a day before starting the coloring process. Use a mild shampoo while washing the hair because using harsh shampoo can keep the oil maintained in the hair. You must also condition the hair to make the hair shaft healthy during the same day when you are washing your hair. Conditioners are must for the hair before using any type of chemicals on the hair. Next use a baby powder to sprinkle all over the hair and brush it with a comb. Don’t over brush the hair before using the color on it and wrap the hair with microfiber towel as it can absorb oil from your hair much better. It is important to keep the hair unwashed very often to stay away from the getting oily hair. Now you can choose the color that is good for your hair and follow the procedure mentioned on the coloring kit.

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