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Hairstyle With Curly Layered Bobs


layered bobs layered bobs2
Layered bobs can give a completely new look if you curl it in a proper way and it can also help to give a voluminous look to the hair. Creating this hairstyle is very easy and you can also curl it using a curling iron depending upon the sections of your hair. Make sure not to wrap the hair too tightly with the curling iron as it can cause damage to the hair as well to the scalp. You can create corkscrew curls by using a small iron on the smaller parts of your hair and soft waves can be achieved with a larger iron.
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First brush the hair to make it tangle free and use a thermal styling hairspray all over the hair. Take about half inch section of your hair and brush it straight away from your head. Try to clamp this section of hair to a heated curling iron and start rolling it from end to root of your hair. Make sure to keep the hair in its place for few seconds and use the same method on the other parts of the hair. After removing the curling iron from your hair use your fingers to comb the hair and mist it with a medium-hold spray to get into the look. It is important to curl the hair into small sections to define the curl and you can curl thick hair very easily by dividing it into smaller sections.

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