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Straightening Hair Permanently Without A Relaxer


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The hair can be made straight in different ways and one of the simple techniques is using a relaxer. But you can make the hair straight permanently with using a relaxer if you follow a proper technique. There is no need to get any kind of practice before starting the styling as it can be done very easily. You will be using a flat iron over the hair in this process, so keep the hair clean.
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First wash the hair as usual and try to apply a good hair conditioner. Then use a frizz free hair product all over the hair which is a very important process during this straightening process. Use a blow dryer to make the hair dry and attach a brush during this process. Try to comb the hair gently during the blow drying process and then divide your hair into different parts such as two in front of the head and two at the back. Take one of your back sections and use a flat iron from root to end of the hair. Make sure to apply a little pressure during this process. You must use the flat iron at least two times on the hair strands for making straight in a perfect way. Use the same method for making the remaining part of your hair straight with the help of the flat iron. You can cover the hair with a scarf while going to bed with a tight knot.

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