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Treating Toyokalon Extensions


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Toyokalon extensions are normally used for creating braids and it is completely a different hair product when compared to other hair types. You must keep the Toyokalon extensions clean in order to maintain it in a healthy way. In case you feel itchy on the scalp after wearing the Toyokalon extensions you can also use one tbsp braid spray to mist the entire hair. Use this simple method while cleaning the Toyokalon extensions without going to a saloon.
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First mist a detangling hairspray over the hair extension and brush it using a wide toothed hair comb. Make sure that the entire hair has been brushed in a proper way to take out the tangles and make it smooth. Then wash it using a mild shampoo which must be mixed along with water before applying it over the hair. Try to use this mixture on the hair as well as the scalp and massage it gently using your fingers. This will help to spread the mixture throughout the hair as well as scalp by removing dead skin cells. Then you must rinse the hair as usual with normal water and dry it using a towel. Make sure there is no moisture on the hair before proceeding further and put a little pressure on the towel while pat drying it. Leave the hair extension to become dry on its own at some stage and try to secure it using a hair clip before going to bed.

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